Stamford Bridge Parish Meeting

Last night Stamford Bridge held their annual Parish meeting. Stamford Bridge is blessed with so many awe inspiring residents it is a privilege to be their Ward Councillor.

Hopefully the few words I shared last night gives a better understand.

“It’s been my great pleasure to serve you all since I was elected to office on 7th April 2016. Ruth will tell you I never cease to be amazed at the depth of talent, creativity and generous community spirit that exists here in Stamford Bridge with your wealth of dedicated and hard working groups and organisations in the village.

The role of an ERYC Ward Councillor is simply to listen to residents, observe, refer to ERYC officers and chase up when required. In effect we are mere stepping stones.

Everyone can make a difference. This is a really good example of what I mean. 


On Monday 11th April, after being in County Hall all day for the first time, I attended my first meeting in my new role.

It was a cross agency meeting in Stamford Bridge to discuss the Boxing Day floods. I sat in on the meeting listening to each of the agencies discuss why they were not responsible for the flooding and reinforce that nothing could be done about it.

Prior to my election, while having a pint or three with Dave Dennis, he informed me that most of the flooding in Stamford Bridge comes up through the drains. He went on to inform me that permanent pumps needed to be in place.

At the meeting I requested that the ERYC officer present, Steve Charlton, look into possibility of the permanent pumps. A year later we have new pumps installed in the New Inn car park.

The pumps became a reality because of local knowledge, support of local businesses and the Parish Council and hard work by an ERYC officer. Oh yes and a few pints. 

A Great Year 

Looking back everyone in Stamford Bridge should be extremely proud of themselves and of their many achievements over the last 12 months.

Here are just a few of them:-

  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society’s organisation of the 950th Anniversary celebrations which made national headlines last September
  • The tri-party agreement between our friends at Rosti, the Parish Council and the ERYC which secured the late night bus service for the village and has become a model of excellence for other towns and villages within the East Riding and beyond.
  • Bridge Community Pool remains open. It’s a fantastic resource for a small community and needs your support.
  • The Over 60’s Tea Dance – an excellent afternoon with good entertainment, lovely food and an excellent raffle. Ruth and I both thoroughly enjoyed it and encourage those who are eligible to attend next year. I may add I am only 52!The opening of Station Wood thanks to the hard work and creativity of the Stamford Bridge in Bloom team of volunteers.

In truth there are too many fantastic organisations in Stamford Bridge for me to mention.

But, last and by no means least, I must thank the Stamford Bridge Parish Council who are doing such a great job. I believe all of you should be thanked and applauded.

If I can help any one of you please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support and I wish you an even more successful 2017-18.”

The fantastic work of those volunteers who man, fundraise and ensure the Stamford

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