ERYC Rotherham Three – Missing Report

Pam Allen, ERYC Head of Children and Young People’s Support and Safeguarding Services, was previously Director of Safeguarding at Rotherham. Two East Riding managers under Pam Allen, Annie Redmond and Grace Davidson, also previously worked at Rotherham.

Questions were asked as to why ERYC employed former Rotherham employees given the findings of Professor Jay’s Report.

Please read Independent Inquiry CSE in Rotherham

In 2014 ERYC promised a report into Children’s Services Senior Managers after it emerged following Professor Jay’s report that their senior management team had previously been employed at Rotherham.

To date no one has seen the ERYC Children’s Services Senior Managers Report.

I have requested a copy of the report from Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive

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