Tories Electioneering But Little Action

The old saying “If you see a Tory there must be an election due” has once again being proved right with the new Greg Knight pop up shop in Pocklington.

Yesterday evening I contacted Wolds Weighton Tory Councillor Andy Burton to raise my concerns with regards the state of the signs from Full Sutton to Yapham crossroads. One was fully covered by a hedge – Full Sutton 30mph sign, while another has been flat to the ground for three months.

Overnight the hedge has been cut and the sign has disappear or perhaps hidden in the overgrown grass verge.

You can’t beat an election to get the Tories to do that which should have been done three months ago.

I would also suggest our Andy addresses the 50mph sigh which is facing the wrong way.

He may also like to pay some attention to the fine crop growing on the Full Sutton footpaths.

The election will soon be over and the Tories will disappear until the next time.


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