ERYC or Town Council

Many residents, especially in Pocklington, appear to be confused with regards the difference between roles of Pocklington Town Council (PTC) and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).PTC are 1 of 168 Parish/Town Councils within the East Riding. Such Councils have between 6 and 14 Councillors.

“PTC are responsible for the cemetery, the closed churchyard at All Saints Church, Pocklington Arts Centre, the allotments, West Green, Broadmanor park, Victoria Road park, the benches and waste bins around Pocklington, the hanging baskets and planters around Pocklington and Pocklington Christmas lights.”ERYC have 67 Ward Councillors (members). Three of these members represent Pocklington Provincial Ward. The Ward covers Barmby Moor, The Cattons, Newton Upon Derwent, Sutton Upon Derwent, Wilberfoss, Pocklington and Stamford Bridge.

ERYC are responsible for a cross-section including Council Tax, Roads, Leisure Centres, Planning, Dustbins etc. Members sit on ERYC Committees.

If you have any issues with these you can raise them directly with ERYC. If residents require assistance they can ask their Ward Member for help. Pocklington Provincial has three Ward members:

  • Councillor Claude Mole – Conservative
  • Councillor Andy Strangeway – Independent
  • Councillor Kay West – Conservative


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