School Fines

The Government give Local Authorities the power to fine parents for taking their children out of school to go on holiday outside of normal school holidays. The Government is of the opinion that taking the children out of school affects their education.I made a Freedom of Information request to establish how much ERYC received in such fines for each of the past six years.


Year Value of fines paid
2011/12 £18,850
2012/13 £39,100
2013/14 £116,990
2014/15 £130,320
2015/16 £65,040
2016/17 to 3.5.17 £17,760

What Happens To The Fines?

These fines generate over £388,000 for ERYC. What has happened to this money?

I believe any money raised in fines should be used for the child’s education to allow them to catch up. I have asked the following from Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive.

  1. Could you inform me what are the fines spent on?
  2. Could I request that any fines issued to parents in Pocklington Provincial is spent on extra tuition for their children?
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