ERYC Email Disclaimers – You Gotta Laugh

It never ceases to amaze my how Government bodies, including ERYC, attempt to control those who they serve.

Recently I received the disclaimer above on an email from ERYC. The controlling aspect highlighted in red.

A friend refers to such conduct by ERYC that they aredrunk on power” or words to that effect.

How To Respond?

That was rather easy:

I consider this intimidation as there is no legislation that supports your statement. If I am wrong please provide links to legislation that prevents me copying or disclosing outside of the council or to any other person?

If you are unable to provide such legislation I request no further intimidatory statements attached to any emails which you send to me.

For your information this very email has been disclosed outside of the council and to another person.”

You Gotta Laugh

It is beyond me why ERYC believe they have the right to control people.

Be it the unenforceable disclaimers or gross incompetence you have gotta laugh.

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