A Decent Sort Of Chap Dear Andy

Not only did ERYC Chairman Caroline Fox reply to Another Fine Mess former ERYC Chairman Claude Mole was also inspired.

Mole – Strangeway Exchanges

  • Mole – And I thought you were a decent sort of chap, Andy. Claude
  • Strangeway – Dear Claude, Thank you for your email. I am most certainly a decent sort of chap. A decent sort of chap does not support the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia to facilitate the killing of innocent Yemini children. At 17.00 today I will be publishing your response and invite your right to reply prior. Regards, Cllr Andy Strangeway
  • Mole – You have a habit my dear Andy of taking things out of. Context.
  • Strangeway – Dear Claude, Please do explain what I have taken out of context. Regards, Cllr Andy Strangeway
  • Mole – Is fishing one of your hobbies, Andy.
  • Strangeway – Dear Claude, Should I take your reply as “I have no example of you taking things out of context”? Regards, Cllr Andy Strangeway
  • Mole – No, Andy. Your email timed 08.59 was a prime example. 
  • Strangeway – Dear Claude, Nothing in the 08.59 email is taken out of context. I politely refer you to Arms Investments Conservative/Labour ERYC PactPlease do advise of any false information stated. Regards, Cllr Andy Strangeway

No Reply

Tory Councillor Claude Mole made no further comment.

I believe this is because it is he who needs to look in a mirror not I.

I do not understand how anyone can support the murder of innocent children. Do you have to be a Tory to understand this?

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