ERYC Chairman Caroline Fox Supports May

In Another Fine Mess I congratulated the Weak and Wobblies for getting us into another fine mess. This was sent to ERYC Councillors.

ERYC Chairman Caroline Fox responded and stated:

“Theresa May is showing great courage and dignity. God bless her.”

Reply To Caroline

Dear Caroline

Thank you for your email. I am surprised to hear that you believe that Theresa May is showing great courage and dignity. 

Are you aware of the following? 

  • Lower corporation tax: with its strong links to the Northern Irish business community, the DUP has previously said it will push for a reduced corporation tax rate of 12.5% inline with the Republic, from the current UK-wide rate of 19%.
  • Anti-abortion: the DUP opposes abortion. After Arlene Foster was elected leader last year she said would work to prevent abortion rights outlined in the Abortion Act 1967 from being extended to Northern Ireland. Abortion is banned in the region, even in cases of rape, incest or when the foetus has no chance of survival after birth.
  • Anti-gay marriage: Northern Ireland is the only area of the UK where same-sex marriages are not legal. The DUP used a controversial “petition of concern” to veto its legalisation in 2016.
  • Climate change: The DUP is the only administration in the UK and Ireland not to have its own area-specific legislation to tackle climate change and its previous environment minister – and a current MP – Sammy Wilson is a climate change denier.

In addition, and of great concern, is that by the Conservatives “forming” a Government with the DUP this could be a major treat to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Do you believe Sinn Fein will be welcoming of the arrangement?

At 17.00 today I will be publishing your response and invite your right to reply prior.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

No Reply

I received no reply from Caroline.

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