West Green Flashing Sign – Not Recommended

As West Green is the only main route into Pocklington without a flashing sign I requested ERYC to fit one.

ERYC Response

“Thank you for your recent enquiry in which you have requested a vehicle activated sign (VAS) on West Green, Pocklington.

Signs such as these are now funded using the Road Safety Team’s Casualty Reduction Budget, at sites where there is an existing collision history. West Green, Pocklington has a good road safety record with one recorded injury collision in the previous 3 year period and this was a rear end shunt and not speed related.

The Council does not recommend a VAS on West Green, Pocklington as this would dilute the message at those sites where there have been casualties.”

Fully Support

I fully support this decision by ERYC and thank them for explaining the reason why my requested is declined.

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