Monday Meeting

On Monday I had a meeting with Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive and Kevin Hall, Director of Children, Families and Schools.

I raised thirteen issues concerning four Directors and three Heads of Department. I will publish all thirteen issues in the coming days.

I informed Caroline that it was my opinion that if ERYC were a listed company the shareholders would call for the resignations of senior management.

Safeguarding Failure

The meeting revealed further safeguarding and indeed training failures of ERYC. I was informed of a “Golden Number” to be used in emergency for safeguarding issues.

I have received no such number in over 14 months. Furthermore I have still not received said number since Monday.

Other Councillors have informed me that they have also not received this number.

Introduction Pack

It is rather alarming if a Councillor has not received such a number. We must ask two questions:

  1. How many of ERYC employees are unaware of this number?
  2. What other information has ERYC failed to share with me?

I have requested that ERYC produce a definitive introduction pack for all new Councillors.

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