ERYC Statement In Response To Grenfell Tower

In response to the Grenfell Tower disaster Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, issued the following statement yesterday afternoon to Councillors, senior officers and MPs.Following the tragic events in London yesterday we have received several enquiries from both Members and tenants enquiring about the fire safety of flats within the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s housing stock.

We have outlined below the key information to enable you to respond to any enquiries you may receive from concerned tenants.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council do not have any high rise flats i.e. 12 storey or more.

We do have several medium rise flats. This includes one 6 storey block of flats namely Wilbert Court in Beverley. This building is of traditional concrete and brick construction and the majority of flats have two alternative fire escape staircases to use in the event of an emergency. There are also approximately nine 4 storey blocks of flats at Eastgate in Goole. These were refurbished approximately 22 years ago by the former Boothferry Borough Council. Whilst they have been externally clad as part of this refurbishment scheme, the cladding appears to be of a brick and cement render finish applied directly onto the external structure. There are also several 4 storey blocks in Willerby of traditional masonry construction.

The remainder of the authority’s housing stock is low rise (i.e. less than 4 storey) and of traditional masonry construction. None of these structures have been externally over-clad using a rain screen cladding system similar to that believed to have been used in the property in question in London.

All the above flats (4 or 6 storey) have been inspected on a regular basis by specialist fire engineers on our behalf. Any work identified in their survey reports, to maintain or improve the fire safety, has been undertaken as part of the HRA capital programme. As a precautionary measure we will be instructing the fire engineers to re-visit these properties within the near future to give tenants some reassurance regarding the fire safety of their homes.  We would however stress that this is purely a precautionary measure and it is not expected that we will identify any significant construction deficiencies but will be helpful to ensure the house-keeping and management of the buildings is to the required standards.

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