Grenfell Tower Disaster – Lesson 1 – PTC Emergency Plan

In Top Secret – Pocklington Town Council Emergency Plan I explained how Pock Town Council (PTC) believe it acceptable and appropriate for the Pocklington Emergency Plan to be Top Secret.

On the morning of the Grenfell Tower Disaster, I phoned the PTC Clerk, Gordon Scaife, to request that the Emergency Plan be made public. He put the phone down on me.

A gentleman in New Zealand read the post and, via the Freedom Of Information Act, has asked for the following information from PTC:

  1. Any documents outlining emergency planning within the area covered by Pocklington Town Council.
  2. The Emergency Operations Centre structure providing insight how you intend to be organized in the event of a civil emergency.
  3. The methodology to be used within the Emergency Operations Centre (i.e. CIMS, CIMS2) in the event of a civil emergency.
  4. The emergency planning training provided to the key role holders within the Emergency Operations Centre.
  5. Risk assessments undertaken and an outline of the intended mitigations.
  6. Steps taken to socialize the emergency plans with the public.
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