Tories Vote Dee Sharpe Out Of Fire Post

I can reveal that on June 5 Dee Sharpe, Pocklington Town Council Councillor and ERYC Tory Councillor for Willerby was voted out of her role as Vice Chair of the Humberside Fire Authority by her fellow ERYC Conservatives. She was replaced by fellow ERYC Conservative Councillor Helen Green. As a result she will lose the £8,356 that goes with the post.

Sharpes Top Ups

The ERYC Conservatives are controlled by the various “top ups” they can receive for obeying Dictator Parnaby. Prior to being voted out Sharpe received payments for sitting on the Fire Authority.

ERYC Basic Allowance – £11,277
Fire Authority Basic Allowance – £4,457
Fire Vice Chair – £8,356
= £24,090

Nice work if you can get it. Unfortunately for Dee she can’t.

Unlike in previous years lets hope she does not forget to pay her Council Tax.

Moving Forward

It looks like our Dee is now out of favour with our great leader.

Will she be out of favour in two years time when the next ERYC elections are held?

Rumours abound that she will not be selected to represent Willerby.

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