Bishop Wilton Overgrown Grass

A local taxi driver asked me to request that the grass on Worsendale Road, Bishop Wilton was cut back. What could be simpler for a Ward Councillor?

If only.

As ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey and Head of Legal, Mathew Buckley had previously claimed I could not assist East Riding residents as an elected ERYC Councillor with anything outside of my Ward I referred the matter to Conservative Councillor for Wolds Weighton, Andy Burton.

Councillor Burton did nowt.

Given that there was a potential risk to life I then referred the matter to Caroline Lacey.

First my office and then Carolines PA wanted to know the location so the overgrown grass could be addressed.

I explained I could not do this as it was outside my Ward. Caroline then stated I could report it as a member of the public.

Code Of Conduct

Today I have risked another Code of Conduct complaint against me by reporting the location to Caroline. I have done this in my role of a Ward Councillor.

Lessons Of Grenfell

A fundamental lesson of Grenfell must be to listen to, and act upon, reports of potential risk to life, especially from Ward Councillors.

If those elected to serve do not, should I turn a blind eye regardless of the consequences?

Time for ERYC to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

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