Martin Cooper Complaint Kicked Out

Much to my amusement I have today learnt that Pocklington Town Council Councillor Martin Cooper registered a formal complaint against me.

The complaint was that:

  1. I accused him of having a hate campaign against me and
  2. I stated his employment.


  1. Everyone in Pock knows Cooper has a hate campaign against me.
  2. His employment is on his declaration of interest. He is a self employed tiler.

Kicked Out

The complaint has been kicked out as there are currently similar complaints against me.


Why can some folk not read my disclaimer:

“Opinions and statements published on the ‘Andy Strangeway Independent’ blog are those of the owner, Andy Strangeway, private individual, and not those of Councillor Andy Strangeway, elected member of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.”

In English – the ERYC Code of Conduct cannot be applied to anything on this site.

Email Sent

I have sent an email to Mathew Buckley, ERYC Monitoring Officer and Martin Copper referring them both to this post.

You have got to laugh!

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