Tories Squander Pock Parking Places

The Conservatives on Pocklington Town Council (PTC) and Conservative ERYC Ward Councillor Claude Mole want to squander three Pocklington parking places.

Councillor Moles ERYC declaration does not mention he is a Burnby Hall Garden Trustee.

In the name of PTC a request was submitted to ERYC by the then Clerk Richard Wood to prevent residents from parking in the Balk turning area. ERYC are on the verge of approving this request which is supported by Councillor Claude Mole. I have raised the issue with ERYC of there been no evidence of vehicles being unable to turn around and requested evidence. There is no such evidence!

Reason Behind Request

I am informed the reason behind the request is to allow buses visiting Burnby Hall Gardens to be able to turnaround if the car park is closed.

The Burnby Hall Gardens do not open their car park so Pocklington must lose three parking places. One for students of irony to consider.

ERYC Statement

ERYC state it is a turning area so it must remain a turning area.

On that basis what about the corn fields that became housing development? The Co-op that is going to be residential homes?

Are we going to revert them back to their original use?

Burnby Hall Gardens Trustees

Let us consider who are the Trustees/Contact for the Burnby Hall Gardens Trust.

  1. Richard Wood – Secretary and Ex PTC Clerk
  2. Freda Snelson – Trustee
  3. Richard Haynes – Trustee
  4. Norma Jennings – Trustee
  5. Martin Radcliffe  – Trustee and PTC Councillor
  6. Gordon Scaife – Trustee and PTC Clerk
  7. Paul West – Trustee, PTC Councillor and Son Of ERYC Ward Councillor Kay West
  8. Paul Lee – Trustee
  9. Claude Mole – Trustee and ERYC Ward Councillor

Of the nine five are connected with PTC. Why are the PTC claiming to represent Pocklington but in truth they are wearing their Burnby Hall Gardens trustees hat?

Burnby Hall Gardens Trust is a charity and must demonstrate a public benefit. The loss of three parking demonstrates the opposite.

Save Pock Parking Spaces

Having talked with the ERYC Director the only way to prevent losing these car parking spaces is for residents to send in objections ASAP.

In last weeks Pocklington Post Love Pocklington stated, in relation to the Town Centre improvements, “As long as there’s adequate parking and we don’t lose any during improvements, the news is good”.

I fully support this statement and hope to receive objections from all Love Pocklington members.

Pocklington cannot afford to lose three parking places.

Could I please ask everyone to email me their objections to save Pock Parking spaces

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