Full Sutton – Your Village Needs You

Today I received the leaflet below through my letter box.

The only “issues” that can be taken into consideration are material considerations. In addition to this conditions can be requested. I will and already have requested various conditions.

Personally I have no issue with the planned new prison. As a Ward Councillor I believe the only material consideration could be the sewers. I am currently in the process of ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Please see New Prison – Sewers Investigation

There To Serve

I am the only person in Full Sutton who will be guaranteed to be able to speak at the meeting when the application is considered. Indeed I may even be sitting on the Committee.  Despite this to date no Full Sutton resident has raised anything with me.

In addition, as an Independent, I am the only none Conservative Ward Councillor in Western East Riding.

If any Full Sutton resident would like to contact me to raise a material consideration and/or a condition please email me  info@island-man.co.uk

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