Pock Town Council Continue To Fail

I just do not understand why Pock Town Council fail to carry out their fundamental duties.

Catalogue Of Failures

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – Will take at least 8 years to produce Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. Emergency Plan – Fail to make Emergency Plan public to residents.
  3. Parking Places – Request the removal of three parking spaces.
  4. Public Safety – Put public safety at risk to water planters.
  5. Planning Applications – Accept planning applications on “face value”

Pocklington Events Group

I am of the opinion that the current Pock Town Council Councillors should form a “Pocklington Events Group” and leave the running of the Town Council to those more competent.

Parish Councils

In Pocklington Provincial the six Parish Councils of Barmby Moor, The Cattons, Newton Upon Derwent, Stamford Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent and Wilberfoss are not only all exceedingly open and transparent but also carry out their fundamental duties.

Why do six Parish Councils get it right but Pock Town Council fail so badly?

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