Caroline Lacey – Councillors Are Not Part Of ERYC

Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, is claiming that ERYC Councillors are not part of the Council.

“The Council is a separate body to the individual Councillors who sit on the Council” Caroline Lacey 23rd June 2017.

This statement is false. All 67 Councillors are members of the Council. Councillors constitute the Council.

I have referred Caroline to this post and request she revisits her position.

Email To Caroline

Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 11:05 AM
Cc: (Independent Group)
Subject: Caroline Lacey – Councillors Are Not Part Of ERYC
Dear Caroline,
Could I please refer you to 
As per the post could I please request that you revisit your position?

Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

Probity In Public Office

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