Balk Parking – Truth Revealed

I can reveal that neither ERYC nor Pocklington Town Council have clean hands with regards abolishing the three parking places at The Balk.

It is nothing to do with “it is a turning area so it should not be a parking area”.

I can reveal the truth is:

“Just for information, I believe this proposal may have been linked to an earlier Town Council enquiry as to whether direct access to the main road could be created to improve traffic flow.  As far as I remember, Highways rejected this idea as being too near the zebra crossing and potentially causing more accidents. They suggested that removing the car parking spaces would mean that cars could turn more easily and thus reduce the risk of congestion and the use of Burnby Hall Gardens as a turning circle.”

This clearly proves predetermination.

Time to call the fire brigade?

ERYC Director Paul Bellotti was offered a right to reply but failed to do so.

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