Barmby Beck – Maintenance Arranged

Residents of Barmby Moor will be pleased to learn that ERYC have arranged for maintenance of the Barmby Beck at Keldspring Lane.

ERYC have confirmed

“We have, however, inspected the site and agree that some of the vegetation growth is excessive. The Council are riparian owners for the southern end of the watercourse in Keldspring Lane, either because it crosses the highway verge or because the adjacent properties are Council owned, so we will arrange for one of our Contractors to carry out the necessary maintenance works. We will also make contact with other riparian owners in the affected areas to remind them of their responsibilities.

In terms of the screen, this is a council maintained asset, and we carry out routine inspections every four months minimum. We also arrange for our screen cleaning term service contractor to inspect and clean all screens when we are expecting or during intense rainfall events. We carried out an inspection this week while we were on site looking at the watercourses in the area, and the build up of debris is negligible. We will, however, ask our contractor to remove any debris while cleaning out the watercourse.”

Well done ERYC.

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