Nafferton Ducklings

I am disgusted to learn that small ducks are being killed in Nafferton as a safety netting has been removed from Nafferton Beck.

This meshing was put on by the parish council at the request of the RSPCA about 8 years ago, because of ducklings going down the sluice, and through the wheel to a horrible suffering death.

The original grid on the sluice  has been cut off at the bottom by past parish council members to allow rubbish  to go down the sluice. 

The RSPCA were called out a few times by me to rescue ducklings, and signets that had gone down the sluice, and were in the part just before the wheel, with no way to get out.

They contacted the council and requested they do something to protect the wildlife. The meshing was put on, and it has been on about 8 years or more.”

For further information please read Nafferton Ducklngs.

Email To Driffield and Rural Ward Councillors and ERYC Officer

Sent: Monday, August 7, 2017 5:35 PM
To: ERYC Officer
Subject: Nafferton Ducklings

Good Afternoon,

Could I please refer you to

Could I please request that you intervene to prevent any more suffering and deaths to small ducklings.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

Probity In Public Office

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