Traffic Survey Results – West Green, Pocklington

A resident raised the issue of speeding on West Green, Pocklington. As a result I requested information from ERYC regards a recent traffic survey.

“A speed survey was undertaken within the limits of the extended 30mph speed limit between 13 and 19 July 2017. The total number of vehicles recorded during this period was 63632 which equates to 9090 vehicles per day. The average number of offenders exceeding the Police’s benchmark for enforcement of 35mph (30mph + 10% + 2mph) was 706 per day, equating to 7.77% of the total traffic. The survey shows that 92% of vehicles are adhering to the new 30mph speed limit which is good to see and demonstrates the speed limit is appropriate. The mean speed was recorded as 27.7mph and the 85th percentile speed as 32.4mph. As part of the assessment we also look at the number of recorded injury collisions in the previous 3 year period, in the case of West Green there has been 1 recorded injury collision which was not attributed to speed but as a failure to look.

The Speed Management Procedure awarded West Green 3 points which means it does not meet the criteria for Police Enforcement or intervention from the Council’s Road Safety Team. The reason for the low score is due to the road having a good safety record and what is considered a low proportion of potential offenders per day.

As this road has a system of street lighting we are not permitted to erect further signs to act as a reminder to motorists,  I can inform you that the Council’s Road Safety Team do offer Town/Parish Councils the opportunity to rent temporary Speed Indication Devices (SIDs )and therefore as a result of the above information, Pocklington Town Council have been provided results of the survey and  details regarding the rental of SIDs.”

For further information please see July 2017 West Green

I would like to thank ERYC for making this information available.

P – Thank you for drawing the survey to my attention

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