Angus West Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association

It would appear that Angus West, Chairman, Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association is rather shy and perhaps not keen to be open and transparent as he has failed to reply to my email regards Angus West Conservative – Openness and Transparency.

Some may draw the conclusion that the Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association do not abide by the Conservatives procedure for the selection of local government candidates in relation to “skeletons in the cupboard“.

Dee Sharpe – Director Disqualification

A “period of 3 years and 6 months from 2013”. This means that Councillor Dee Sharpe was disqualified to be a Director in May 2015 when, as part of the Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association, she was selected to stand as a candidate for the ERYC.

Many would believe this to be a skeleton in the closet.

Chairman’s Opinion

I have emailed Angus to enquire as to his opinion. In addition I have asked if this is the reason Dee Sharpe will not be selected to stand at the next ERYC election in 2019.

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