Willow Park Road – To Be Rectified

ERYC are looking into how to rectify the rough road repair of Willow Park Road, Wilberfoss following an unsuccessful trial.

“Willow Park Road had large areas that were potholed, suffering from chipping loss and crazing/cracking. As the maintenance team were in the village carrying out carriageway slurry seal patching on other streets it was felt to be worth giving the team a trial at doing the full width of an entire road as it is a very cost effective system. It appears that the finish is not to the required standard and the quality of ride, even in a car, leaves a lot to be desired. The patches on the other roads, even the largest ones, are of a high quality.

It seems to be a combination of inadequate regulating before the final surface was applied, which has allowed potholes etc. to reflect through, combined with the method of squeegeeing and brushing to get a texture which has left ridges. It is not possible to put anything further on top as the present surface is already flush with dropped kerbs throughout the road.

As a trial unfortunately it has failed and we will not be seeking to use the process in this way again. Further discussions will take place to determine what we will need to do to rectify the situation.”

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