Fury Over Market Day Parking Tickets

On numerous occasions I have witnessed ERYC remove the barriers on Market Day from 16.00 onwards to Market Place, Pocklington  due to bad weather and the stall holders leaving early. I believe this to be a sensible and pragmatic approach as it allows residents to utilise the parking. Or so I thought!

Yesterday I received numerous reports of residents receiving parking tickets for parking before 18.00 after the barriers and large signs had been removed.

This is over zealous and could be considered entrapment by ERYC. It is most certainly unacceptable. Market Place, Pocklington must not become the new Lendal Bridge.

If ERYC are not giving residents unofficial permission to park before 18.00 by the removal of the barriers and large signs the barriers must remain in place until 18.00 to prevent residents being entrapped into receiving a parking ticket.

As I believe the situation is most certainly not clear I have requested ERYC cancel all parking tickets issued and reimburse all those paid for. In future they must cease issuing parking tickets in such situations.

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