Pock Town Council Becoming A Pariah Council

The conduct of the fools at Pocklington Town Council (PTC) never ceases to amaze me. They appear to be hell-bent on becoming a Pariah Council.

Standards Committee Decision Rejected

The ERYC Standards Committee found Councillor Martin Cooper guilty of not treating a local resident with Parkinsons with respect.

PTC Town Council discussed this and “the consensus was that there was no case to answer”.

This is only the third time in 21 years that a Town/Parish Council have rejected the findings of the ERYC Standards Committee.

Meeting Rejected

Given the seriousness of the situation Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal, offered to meet with PTC to discuss the situation.

“Mathew wrote to the town council seeking confirmation of its decision and suggested a meeting with them but the council didn’t take this offer up.”

PTC Bite The Hand That Feeds Them

To snub ERYC in such a manner is biting the hand that feeds them. Do PTC really believe this will enhance their relationship with ERYC? Let us consider the current relations PTC “enjoy” with ERYC:

  1. The last time I attended a PTC meeting I was shouted at for raising the fact that Councillor Terry Jones had made false allegations against me.
  2. I no longer attend PTC meetings.
  3. PTC  disrespect the ERYC Standards Committee.
  4. PTC snub ERYC/Mathew Buckley.
  5. ERYC Conservative Councillors Claude Mole and Kay West are to step down at the next election.

How can a Pariah Council be good for the residents of Pocklington?

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