Summerson Terrace – New Roofs Not Required

It is a rare event for Strangeway to request ERYC not to spend money in his Ward. The last time such a request was made was for the “improvements” to The Pavement. The request was ignore and the project turned into a disaster.

This time ERYC are planning to re-roof the Council properties in Edward Street and Summerson Terrace. But residents have inform me that the roofs do not leak and they would prefer that ERYC spend the money on their properties on that which is need. For example:

  • Lead flashing
  • New floors where the floor boards are so uneven it cracks the vinyl
  • New toilet cisterns to replace those last seen in the Ark

To make matters worse ERYC are not planning to replace slate roofs with slate roofs. They are planning to replace them with tiles. The will create a potential to leak where they are joined with the slate roofs of those houses which are privately owned.

I have requested ERYC to reconsider replacing the roofs and instead spend the money on what is required.

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