ERYC – Dishonest And Rudderless

Over the past week ERYC have proved themselves to be both dishonest and rudderless. On September 6th ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey, upon return from a weeks leave, informed a local journalist:

“I also confirm appropriate management arrangements were in place  during my period of leave”

This is a false statement and dishonest.

The Truth

Many ERYC Councillors were not informed that:

  1. Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive was on a week’s holiday up to and including September 5th.
  2. Alan Menzies, Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration and Deputy Chief Executive was on sick leave before, during and after this period.
  3. Kevin Hall, Director of Children, Family and Schools was therefore Acting Chief Executive – not Deputy.

As numerous Councillors were not made aware of “appropriate management arrangements” in place for Lacey’s leave, in truth ERYC was rudderless.

Further Dishonesty

Today Lacey’s office claimed that Kevin Hall, was the Deputy Chief Executive while Lacey was on leave.

As no such appointment had been ratified this is impossible. Hall was the Acting Chief Executive.

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