London Street Accident – ERYC Silence

For each of the past two days I have phoned ERYC to move forward the investigation and subsequent actions into the accident caused by an ERYC van on London Street which then left the scene.

Library Photo

Although witnesses to the accident have contacted me to assist ERYC remain silent.

From ERYC I have requested an urgent site visit to start the process of:

  1. Re-assessing my request to extend the Keep Clear area in whatever way
  2. Reviewing my request for the need for a second safety barrier at the crossing
  3. Reconsidering my request for a one way system on London Street/Percy Road.

In addition ERYC MUST address the actions of their van driver who speedily left the scene of the accident and put children’s lives at risk.

I have sent a link to this post to the senior ERYC officer requesting they email me today to organise a date/time of a site visit with me and to inform me of any progress they have made regards the accident.

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