Disgraceful Conduct From ERYC

Sadly disgraceful conduct by senior ERYC officers is no longer a surprise to me as I experience it on a regular basis.

Two months ago a Chair of a local Parish Council had requested information from ERYC which I duly requested of Paul Bellotti, Interim Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services. I fully supported the request.

Turnaround time between officers and members should never exceed 10 working days. Yesterday, after waiting two months, I sent a chase up email to Paul. When he phoned me his conduct was a disgrace. He accused me of arguing when all I was doing was asking a question. Councillor Jefferson witnessed the phone call. At no point did I raise my voice.

Furthermore Paul refused to answer the questions as he claimed they had already been answered. He refused to put his reply in an email so that I could forward this to the Parish Council Chair.

I am at a loss how this is treating myself or the Chair of a local Parish Council with respect.

I have requested that Caroline Lacey ERYC Chief Executive investigates Pauls shameful conduct.

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