ERYC Councillors Allowances 2016/2017 – Pocklington Area

In ERYC Councillors Allowances Paid 2016/2017 I shared the full list of allowances received by ERYC Councillors.

Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton Extra Allowances

In addition to the above allowances each local Councillor received a basic allowance of £11,056 per annum which is intended to recognise the time devoted by members to their work.

The special responsibility allowances are payable to those members who hold positions which require them to spend more time and effort on the council’s affairs than would be expected of other members.

  • Burton – Conservative – Cabinet  – £14,631
  • West –  Conservative – Chair of Review Panel- £9,753
  • Mole –  Conservative – Chair of Licensing Act 2003 – £3,657
  • Rudd – Conservative – Western Area Planning Chair – £3,657
  • Stathers – Conservative – Planning Vice-Chair – £2,438
  • Strangeway – Independent – £0

Would Be Expected Test

Many residents would question if any of the local Tories  actually do what is expected. As such why are they paid extra? Is it because they never question Parnaby?

  • Cost of a Tory Councillor = £13,498 to £25,687
  • Cost of an Independent Councillor = £11,056
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