ERYC Confirm Conservative Councillor Kay West Is Incompetent

I asked the question is Conservative Councillor West – Incompetent or Whistle Blower? ERYC have confirmed she is incompetent.

“I hope you will appreciate that a planning officer will take into account any comments that have been received when making a recommendation. The officer will consider whether these comments are material or non material considerations and will attach weight in this respect. Both the planning officer, their Team Leader or Divisional Manager, who are all involved as part of the determination process, will take any objections that have been received into account in much the same way as Planning Committee Members do. Any objections, where they are material to the application, will be considered as part of the planning balance.

My reference to the Scheme of Officer Delegation for determining planning applications highlights that planning applications will not automatically go to Committee if objections are received. However, I hope that this response explains that these objections will still be taken into account as part of the consideration of the planning application.

I hope that this response covers the two key issues that you have raised within your email in terms of the procedure involved in making recommendations on planning applications and the process that we employ in making decisions on planning applications.”

Stephen Head, ERYC Head of Planning

Moving Forward

To avoid wasting valuable resources of using the complaints procedure to address this situation I believe:

  1. Councillor West must write an immediate apology to Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council for her false statements.
  2. Councillor West must receive retraining.
  3. Until such time as Councillor West has received retraining she must be replaced on the Planning Committee.
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