Strangeway 66 v 34 Parnaby

Hull Daily Mail yesterday asked its readers if they believed the photoon I produced about Caroline Lacey was sexist as alleged by Councillor Parnaby.

Readers voted resoundingly in favour of my opinion that the photoon is not sexist with 66% voting no when asked “Do you find the image sexist”.

The Councillor Parnaby Letter to All Members was the first such letter I had received in my year and a half in office. I am at a loss to understand how Councillor Parnaby can  justify that a light-hearted photoon referring to our Chief Executives legs was the most serious issue at ERYC in a year and a half.

I am in no doubt that Councillor Parnaby has misused his position as Leader of ERYC for political purposes. This is unacceptable.

In my opinion the actions of Councillor Parnaby demonstrates the depths the Conservative Group of 48 Councillors will go to in an attempt to discredit one honest Independent. To me this is bullying.

Labour Group

The Labour Group should hold their heads in shame as I am informed that they have submitted a formal complaint against me for the alleged sexist comments.

This complaint must be rejected as the people have now voted. There is no case to answer.

Sexism Training

Sexism should have no place at ERYC or anywhere else. As Councillor Parnaby, the Labour Group and other Councillors clearly have no understanding of sexism I am requesting full training be given to all Councillors at the earliest opportunity.

This training must be attended by Councillor Parnaby.

Apologies Required

Councillor Parnaby must apologise in person to Caroline Lacey for his instigation of exposing Caroline to considerable discomfort as his letter to members has to date resulted in coverage in the Hull Daily Mail and Yorkshire Post.

Councillor Parnaby must also issue an immediate unreserved written apology to me and send this to all members and senior officers.

Formal Complaint

I have registered a formal complaint against Councillor Parnaby for his failure to treat Caroline Lacey and myself with respect.

Public Vindication

The public have vindicated me and I thank them for this.

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