Pocklington Area Local Politics – Please Continue

The Pocklington Area Local Politics Facebook page was set up with the sole intention of discrediting me.

I encourage the few people who have devoted the past year of their lives to this goal to continue as the promotion of my work is greatly appreciated.

Yesterday a poll was put on the Facebook page asking: “Who thinks Councillor Andrew Strangeway should stand down from his post?”

The Maths

  • 340 – Members
  • 48 – Yes
  • 8 – No
  • 40 – Yes minus No
  • 26 – Estimated number from Pocklington Provincial Ward
  • 13,102 – Registered Electors Pocklington Provincial Ward
  • 52 – Number of weeks since Facebook page was launched
  • 1 – Number converted per fortnight (this includes those who set up the page)

Please Continue

As the Facebook page is such great publicity for me I would like to encourage those involved to continue their hard work.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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