ERYC Members Agreement – No Photos

When I became an ERYC Councillor I was informed that members had an agreement that they do not take photos of other members in public meetings.

I respected this but unfortunately this agreement was breached by Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe in a covert manner by taking a photo of me. My Group Leader raised this with the former ERYC Chief Executive Nigel Pearson who did nothing.

At that point I commenced taking of photos very openly as ERYC are the only council in the area not to record their meetings. Indeed Scarborough Borough Council live stream their meetings. Equipment to live stream meetings costs very little to purchase and install.

I will be more than happy to agree to the members agreement being reintroduced subject to:

  1. An unreserved apology from Councillor Dee Sharpe to myself, all members and senior officers for her breaching the original agreement.
  2. All ERYC meetings are live streamed. (I am happy to source finance for this).
  3. All members agreeing to the agreement.

I have forwarded my offer to Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive.

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