Pocklington Post – Letters Thursday 5 October

It was with bemusement that I read two letters attacking me in last weeks Pocklington Post.

I would like to assure Mike Brookes-Ward that as per the Nolan Principles I must “be willing to challenge poor behaviour wherever it occurs” Thus I will, without fear or favour, hold to account any conduct I believe to in breach of the Nolan Principles by the ruling Conservative Party, senior ERYC officers or any other elected Councillor as this is fundamental to my role as an Independent ERYC Councillor.

In response to Andrew St Johns-Toms I am delighted to confirm I did not take a day off my Council duties during the recess, Furthermore his “less than a year” statement was only 10 days.

The cost to the tax payer last year for the three ERYC Pocklington Provincial Ward councillors was: Councillor Kay West = £22,921; Councillor Claude Mole = £14,673; Councillor Andy Strangeway = £13,180.

Since being elected in April 2016 I have completed  193 projects. In addition I have assisted residents with personal issues, planning and safeguarding concerns, and observed every Disability Advisory Group meeting. I have a 100% attendance record for the two committees I sit on and the Full Council. I put in over 50 hours a week to my council duties.

At less than £4 an hour I consider this exceedingly good value.

Finally, to facilitate all of this I receive 45p per mile milage (included in the £13,180).  Living in Full Sutton I am the furthest away from County Hall, Beverley in the Pocklington area. Thus my milage will obviously be one of the highest.

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