Councillor Kay West – Incompetent

The post below was originally posted on September 24. On September 29 it was confirmed that Councillor Kay West was incompetent.

As Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services has suggested I remove this post I have reposted it.

Conservative Councillor West – Incompetent or Whistle Blower?

Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council, members of the public and myself were shocked  at last Mondays Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council meeting by comments made by Conservative Ward Councillor Kay West about planning.

The consultation process for the recent Herrington Park planning application was discussed.

Firstly it was mentioned that a Planning Officer issued a notification of her intention to recommend approval of the Herrington Park application two days before the end of the consultation period. It is known that the Parish Council’s and other residents’ comments had not been received at that time.

It was felt that proper consideration should be given to Parish Council and public comments. Shockingly Parish Councillors were informed quite categorically by Conservative Councillor Kay West:

  • A Planning Officer does not take any comments into account when making a recommendation.
  • Only the committee listens to objections.
  • An application will automatically go to committee if objections are received.

This statement was queried by Parish Councillors as they have always had to request that a planning application go to committee and have indeed asked Ward Councillors to ‘call it in’. A Parish Councillor asked Councillor West if her assertion meant that should 100 objections be received on the last day of the consultation period this would make no difference to the recommendation.

  • Councillor West confirmed that this indeed would be the case.

Is Conservative Councillor Kay West Incompetent or a Whistle Blower?

As Councillor West sits on Planning her comments are either a demonstration of incompetence as she is making false statements or she has made a major whistle blowing statement witnessed by numerous people.

I have requested ERYC carry out an investigation into Councillor Wests comments as either way they bring ERYC Planning into disrepute.

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