Tories In Election Mode For May 2019

At yesterdays Full Council I was amused to see the Tories enter into election mode for the ERYC election in May 2019.

My sources within the various “selection committees” have confirmed that certain current ERYC Conservative Councillors will not be selected to stand in 2019 as they have become too toxic.

Pocklington Provincial Ward Tory Dilemma

My source within the East Yorkshire Conservatives (EYC) selection committee has informed me that they face a real dilemma in the Pocklington Provincial Ward. After I broke their nine-year dominance by getting elected in April 2016 they then had to deal with the news that Councillor Kay West and Councillor Claude Mole will not be standing in 2019.

There is an acceptance within EYC that if the man called Strangeway stands he will be elected.

The Tory dilemma is do they admit this publicly and just put up two candidates for the three seats and thus not split the vote or do they risk ending up with one seat by putting up three candidates, splitting the vote and thus letting a none Conservative in due to their vote splitting?

In essence go for three and risk ending with one or go for two and ensure two.

Regardless of whether they decide to stand two or three candidates the big question is will they go head to head with me in a public Q & A?

To date Paul West, his mummy Kay and Claude Mole have all declined. Indeed not one Tory has ever agreed to a public Q & A with me. I would welcome the opportunity.

It certainly looks like the East Yorkshire Tories are running scared.

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