The Whip – The Disgraceful Conservative Scam

I was amused to listen to Conservative Councillor Felicity Temple inform members at Wednesdays Full Council how we should support the Taking a Stand Against Scams

The Conservatives are paid the following from the ERYC budget. This is paid for by the tax payer.

  • Secretary – Councillor Felicity Temple – £12,192
  • Chief Whip – Councillor Elaine Aird – £3,762
  • Assistant Whip – Councillor Lyn Healing – £1,518 = £17,462

Council Tax payers should not pay the salary for the Secretary of the Conservative group as no ERYC finances should be used to financially support political party activities.

Chief Whip/Assistant Whip

Of the 67 ERYC Councillors 48 are Tory and all are whipped to vote as a block. Council Tax payers pay the Conservative Chief Whip and Assistant Whip to do this.

False Statement

Never believe a Conservative candidate who stands for election to be an ERYC Councillor when they state “My first priority is to represent you” as this is false.

They should state “My second priority is to represent you after I have represented the party but only if the party agrees”.

Stand Up Against The Disgraceful Conservative Scam

I invite Councillor Temple and indeed every Conservative candidate to stand up against the greatest scam in the East Riding by informing residents of the truth about the whip.

Misleading residents into voting for them by not stating the truth could be considered by many as a scam .

Scamming residents out of their vote is not acceptable.

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