Tories Abandon Sutton Upon Derwent

On 11 October I stated that I believed the time had come for Councillor Kay West to do the decent thing. Apologise to Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council and request planning training.

In true Tory style instead of offering humble apologies at last Mondays Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council meeting she cowardly sent a letter stating she would not be attending any more of their meetings.

Why do Tories struggle to say sorry?

Infamous Statements Of Kay West

Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Councillors were informed quite categorically by Conservative Councillor Kay West:

  • A Planning Officer does not take any comments into account when making a recommendation.
  • Only the committee listens to objections.
  • An application will automatically go to committee if objections are received.

Conservative Councillor Claude Mole Appearances

So rare are appearances by Councillor Claude Mole in Sutton Upon Derwent no one can recall his last attendance.

Thus the Tories have abandon Sutton Upon Derwent.

Code of Conduct Complaint

As Kay West is a Conservative there is no point in complaining about her conduct. The ERYC Code of Conduct is a Tory system to slap the wrists of none Tories who dare to question.

Kay West continues to sit on the Planning committee yet clearly does not understand the planning process.

Welcome to the world of ERYC Planning.

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