New London Street Safety Measures

I am grateful to ERYC for informing me of further safety improvements to London Street following our recent site visit.

In addition to the previously announced repainting of yellow lines and school slow road markings ERYC have now been confirmed:

  1. That they have ordered new Keep Clear markings. The existing markings will be burned off and markings applied to the appropriate size. This should increase the free space adjacent to the private access and assist those residents exit their drive. There may be enough space to permit one southbound car to move in by approximately 0.5m-1m to allow northbound traffic past but it will not help longer/wider vehicles do so.
  2. Drivers of ERYC Fleet, Grounds and Refuse vehicles have been asked to avoid London Street during school start and finish times, unless they are working on that street and can’t avoid being there.

Well done ERYC.

I would like to thank those residents who contributed to this process.

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