In Defence Of My Cultural Heritage Love

East Riding of Yorkshire are investigating why I called an officer “Jenny Love” as Jenny objected to being called love.

I have lived in the East Riding all my life. The expression love is part of my cultural heritage. I will continue to use the word love.

If Jenny, an East Riding Council employee, has issues with an East Riding man expressing his cultural heritage in the East Riding I suggest she moves.


Pocklington Pavement Collective Incompetence highlighted the horrendous job ERYC had done on the first attempt to carry out works at a cost of £20,000. When I raised this with Jenny she lost the plot as she was the engineer in charge of the failed works.

I thus referred to “the fools that make up PTC, the nodding dogs who are ERYC Tory Councillors and ERYC officers who are blind monkeys clearly have no common sense between them.”

I stand by the statement.

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