Jonathan Owen – East Riding Men Are Condescending

This morning ERYC Deputy Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen, in his capacity of Deputy Leader, sent an email to all Councillors in response to “In Defence Of My Cultural Heritage Love“.

Disgraceful Councillor Owen insulted all East Riding men who use the phrase “love” by stating:

“Whilst accepting the term ‘love’ is in common use in the West Riding of Yorkshire as a term of familiar endearment used in close communities, it is more commonly accepted as a rather condescending attitude by those males wishing to seem superior in other areas of Yorkshire and the country as a whole.”

This smacks of a Tory who has no understanding of not only the cultural heritage of the East Riding but a lack of understanding as to the extensive use of the word “love” across the East Riding.

I can assure Councillor Owen that many East Riding men and women use the word love most respectfully.

No doubt Councillor Owen, in true Tory style, will not be issuing an apology to those East Riding men and women he has insulted.

Have a nice weekend Jonathan love.

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