East Riding Broadband – Residents Opinons

I publish below comments from residents in relation to East Riding Super Fast Broadband Myth

  • It’s better than fibre to the exchange but the perfect solution is fibre to the premises but that’s only economically viable in urban areas. For rural areas a better solution would be a mesh of high speed wireless but instead of thinking logically the government sold the rights off so several different networks run it how it suits them.
  • My understanding is that the government also allocated monies to local authorities to help deploy High speed broadband as they see fit, hence the slow roll out of FTTP is the East Riding, the lack of this service is killing my business’s ability to offer IP based technologies to customers’ in the County.
  •  I have been in correspondence with Broadband East Riding since September 2014, pressing them to sort out a better service for our postcode YO25 8HN (currently 1MB per second). Delays after delays and the latest I was told was “Thank you for your enquiry. Please accept my apologies for the delay in the completion of the work for Great Kelk. The new cabinet serving the village is waiting for some final engineering work to be carried out by BT Openreach before it can accept new orders. Barring any further unforseen delays, we expect this cabinet to be accepting orders before the end of September. As noted in our previous correspondence, we can’t guarantee that the cab will improve available speeds for all properties in the village but we expect it to do so for a majority of them.” It is now almost November and still no completion of works and I have serious doubts that the service will reach our property after the cabinet is upgraded.
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