Jonathan Owen – Residents Opinions

I publish below comments from residents in relation to Jonathan Owen – East Riding Men Are Condescending. I have forward all comments to Councillor Jonathan Owen.

  • Round here everyone says love, I am not offended if a male says love to me
  • Arsehole
  • Calm down love…..
  • An ‘ivory tower’ snob and a plutocrat. I wonder how well his financial dealings will stand up to scrutiny? I intend to find out. In North Yorkshire, politicians who are full of themselves (except for a certain amount of escaping hot air) are colloquially known as ‘old farts’. No doubt Cllr OWEN would be deeply offended to be addressed as ‘you old fart’. nevertheless, he would struggle to mount a credible denial. Old fart.
  • What a 1st class pr t he must be does he not go out and meet is the people who elected him I guess no or he would no that a big majority use the word love especially in the shops he must go into. Poor him not knowing such a thing love how many times in the soaps on television is the word love I guess he as not got a television
  • He calls us condescending, the condescending old fart, he needs to get out into the real word with the real people, what planet does he live on? “Love” is a term of endearment not a way to make us lads superior and is widely used in East Yorkshire, obviously not in the circles he mixes in but certainly amongst lots of the people I meet in my travels.
  • Pompous prat. !
  • It has always been a term of endearment not an insult
  • Prick
  • It’s common across Yorkshire, not just the east riding
  • Bet he had his own ‘fag’ at his public boarding school…

Councillor Owen Contact Details

As residents have requested contact details for Councillor Owen I share below.

  • Address – Richmond House, Southside, Kilham, Driffield, YO25 4ST
  • Telephone – (01262) 420550
  • Mobile – 07717 703884
  • Email –
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