London Street Buses

As requested ERYC looked into the issue of buses travelling on London Street. I fully support their findings which are published below.

Re-routeing buses along Percy Road

East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) replied to our enquiry that at present, all Baldry’s (another coach operator) buses use Percy Road and their (EYMS) 1W service. Percy Road already causes them congestion problems as they use it to make their return journey for virtually all of their school buses after they have dropped off the pupils. To quote them directly “Percy Road has a dreadful amount of parked all along it. To put any more buses along there would not be a good idea.”

Acklams Coaches advised us that Percy Road has similar problems with parked cars causing congestion at peak times and that their buses use Percy Road on the return trip to their yard having dropped off the pupils. They also advised that their 9W service needs to drop a pupil off there on Fridays only so they would need to send that bus down London Street on the Friday and they also asked if the Council would consider restricting parking on London Street during school start times.

These statements show that London Street is taking the buses in one direction and Percy Road is taking them in the other direction which is a fair distribution. If the buses were re-routed, residents and highway users of Percy Road would experience the same congestion but twice in the morning peak, rather than once.

For this and for road safety reasons, the Council is rejecting this request.  If we asked bus operators to travel north on Percy Road, they would have to turn right out onto the B1246 Kilnwick Road where the road has started to widen and traffic has started to speed up after the narrow length of London Street and St Helen’s Gate. Buses can’t turn quickly onto new roads so there is an increased risk of collisions and this is probably why operators travel south on Percy Road and north on London Street.

Staggering bus arrival times to ease congestion on London Street

The Passenger Transport team advised us that  even if we staggered the timings of the buses there is no guarantee the buses would travel along London Street at the new allotted times because if a bus is delayed on route by heavy traffic, accidents or farm vehicles then proposed new timings will be thrown out.

Woldgate School would also have to ensure that there are staff available at the school earlier than they are now to supervise the pupils and this could have a cost implication for the school. Parents would need to ensure that children were at the collection points earlier or the proposed timings will be thrown out.

This will not solve the congestion problem but will cause 3 to 4 small blockages instead of one large blockage as all the bus services still need to arrive at the school within a relatively short time period.

For these reasons, we cannot agree to staggering the school buses arrival times.

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