Councillor Martin Cooper Paraphrases Jo Cox Insult

All decent people were disgusted when ERYC Conservative Councillor Dominic Peacock stated, in response to news of a memorial fund set up after Labour MP Jo Cox was killed, “I’ve just donated the steam off my p***”.

Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Councillor Martin Cooper in one of his regular rants against me has paraphrased the disgraceful comments of Councillor Peacock by stating:

“He literally is not worth the sweat off my brow.”

The comment must be removed immediately from the Facebook page and Councillor Cooper and Councillor Hodgson must stand down with immediate effect from PTC.

In Support Of

Sadly four people have liked Councillor Coopers comments.

  1. Jenny Woodger – Pocklington Resident
  2. Dean Hodgson – A PTC Councillor
  3. Graham Hodgson – Son of Dee Sharpe – Conservative ERYC Councillor and PTC Councillor
  4. Ruth Hodgson – Wife of Dean Hodgson

Formal Complaint

Although neither Councillor Cooper or Councillor Hodgson was not acting in their official capacity when making the comments in the same way that Councillor Peacock was not acting in his official capacity they MUST be held to accountable in the same way via the Code of Conduct.

I have registered a formal complaint against Councillor Cooper for his vile paraphrase and Councillor Hodgson for his support of the vile paraphrase.

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