Jonathan Owen – Further Opinions

I publish below further comments in relation to Jonathan Owen – East Riding Men Are Condescending and Jonathan Owen – Residents Opinions. I have forward all comments to Councillor Jonathan Owen.

These will be the final comments I am sharing on the subject.

  • Dear Love, As someone who was born and bred in the East Riding of Yorkshire I needed to put pen to paper to object in the strongest possible terms to your objection and the term “Love”. I respectfully suggest you get over yourself and focus your energy of fixing things like potholes.  You sound like an out of touch and pompous old man.  You need to stop scoring points against a Councillor who is clearly making a difference, Cllr Andy Strangeway (and not you!) and start representing the best interests of the “loves” who elected you! Kind regards,
  • at eighty two years of age I would much rather be served in a shop by a smiling lady who called me “love” or “duck” rather than a frigid “How can I help you sir?”
  • “Love” your reply to Jonathan Owen! I would like to add my support, in that the term “love” or “luv” is used throughout Lancashire – as a reminder, I am from and live in Bolton, Lancs. – as not only a familial / friends term of endearment but also, similar to Yorkshire, as a pleasant term of address to strangers, esp. by shop keepers & staff. I have even heard the occasional use in parts of the Lake District, but that may have been influenced by ‘ex-pats’ from Lancashire & Yorkshire. Alas, it is perhaps not used quite as often as when I was growing up, but it is still prevalent. I know the Liverpudlian (Are we ‘allowed’ to use the word ‘Scouse’ in these horribly PC days? Indeed, dare we…?!!) version is “girl”, pronounced “gel”. Didn’t Liverpool Council try to ban its use in their Council offices some years ago? Not sure how well they succeeded, mind. Mr Owen is also correct that the word ‘love’ can be used in other ways, e.g. condescending, slightly insulting, sarcastic etc. As you are obviously aware, it’s the context and content of the conversation which determines the use and type of emphasis. So, well done to you for pricking the PC bubble once again.
  • Resign – P U F O ( military jargon)
  • “Don’t be surprised if a shopkeeper addresses you as ‘love’. They aren’t expressing romantic thoughts! ‘Love’, in Yorkshire, is just added on to the end of the sentence to show that the speaker is being friendly, as in ‘Can I help you, love?’ In Nottinghamshire, this becomes ‘duck’, in Merseyside, ‘chuck’, and in Tyneside it becomes ‘man’ when addressing a male or ‘pet’ when talking to a woman, as in the phrase ‘why aye man!’. ‘Shy aye!’ means ‘of course’, of course!’
  • Councillor Owen is clearly a plank!
  • This knob lives in Kilham. He’s clearly an elitist prick.
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