Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans – Pocklington

I have today submitted my request with regards the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans for Pocklington.

The overall budget for the Pocklington LCWIP is derived from the Integrated Transport Block Grant which is issued to local authorities to support their Local Transport Plan.  For Pocklington this is likely to be approximately £120,000 in total over the three year implementation period (2018-2021). This funding is capital funding, which means it can only be used for infrastructure improvements.  Due to the funding being restricted the emphasis will be on minor improvements such as dropped kerbs or short lengths of linking cycle routes.

My Submission

As access for those with disabilities is sadly lacking in Pocklington I believe we need to work out from the Town Centre and put in as many dropped kerbs as finance permits.

I would hope my two fellow Ward Councillors, Pocklington Town Council and Pocklington Residents support my submission.

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